There are many different reasons for this.

You should know that it's normal to wake up during the night. During a sleep cycle, which repeats itself several times during the night, there is a phase of light sleep with a brief awakening that we generally won't remember.

If you remember, it means that the awakening has lasted too long. This can be caused by:

  • Physiological needs, such as going to the bathroom
  • Noise, or other external factors
  • Not enough sleep pressure or an overactive brain that prevents you from staying asleep

You can't always act on physiological needs. If you fall back asleep right away, there's no problem. It's annoying to have to get up, but your sleep isn't affected by it.

If you have trouble falling back to sleep, that's a different story. It means that your sleep pressure isn't strong enough.

This can be due to daytime or evening habits that are keeping you awake.

To discover which factors are disrupting your night, you must observe your sleep and daily life. Then we can work on it together.