When you are stressed, there are two things you should work on:

- Work on your daily stress: This involves developing a healthy lifestyle, social life, moments of relaxation, and learning to manage your emotions and thoughts in your day-to-day. This is exactly what you'll work on throughout your program.

- Work on managing peak stress levels: We never know when stress might arise, and reducing it isn't always easy. In your app, you have relaxation content. Add a session to your daily routine to better manage your emotions. However, not all sessions are ideal for a peak in stress. Opt for something short and effective to breathe calmly and relax quickly.

If you find your stress rising when you are in bed, make sure to get out. Your bed is for sleep, not for stress. Get up and find a comfortable space. Then take some time to do a breathing exercise and calming activity (excluding screens) before going back to bed.