Our program allows you to work on a set of habits that can impact your sleep.

We look at them together, one by one, so that you can put your finger on the factors that bother your sleep in order to increase its quality. We also work on managing the thoughts and emotions that can significantly impact your nights.

Before decreasing your use of sleeping pills, you should've already worked on your habits. Why? Because if you reduce your dose but there are no good habits to support your sleep, you'll just lose the effect of the sleeping pill. The consequence? Your nights will be more complicated. By putting solid habits in place, you compensate for the lack of sleeping pills. Your sleep might still be a little disturbed because you have to get used to not using them, but less than if you didn't have these good habits behind you.

When the time comes, you'll have to turn to your prescribing physician. They will decide with you when to reduce the dose and frequency because they know your course of treatment better. We will not interfere in any way with this.