Taking sleeping pills is not incompatible with the program, so it's neither necessary nor recommended to stop taking sleeping pills when starting the Moonoa program.

To start, function as you do now. By implementing the tips presented in the program, you are simply adding resources to optimize your sleep.

The objective of the Moonoa program is to work on the harmful behaviors and thoughts that impact your sleep and to learn new ones that promote better sleep through cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

CBT programs have proven to be very effective for improving sleep, with a clear reduction in the use of sleeping pills. 80% say they've stopped taking sleeping pills after the program (during the follow-up with their attending physician).

If your objective is to reduce or stop taking sleeping pills, wait until you notice an improvement in your sleep and form during the day. That way, you won't feel the effects of withdrawal as much because everything you've learned will compensate for this decrease.

In any case, once you feel ready - especially if you are used to taking sleeping pills every day - contact your prescribing physician. They will be able to support you as you reduce the dose, to avoid the risks of relapse.

It's better to be patient and wait for the right moment. It makes the change more likely to last and easier for you to manage ;)

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