If you haven't started your new job yet and your wake-up time needs to move forward by more than half an hour, you have some time to change it step-by-step. Depending on how much time you have, change your wake-up time by 30 minutes (or less) every 2-3 days. Bring your bedtime forward by 30 minutes the next night only if you feel sleepy.

If you've already started your new job, don't go to bed without feeling sleepy the first night. Wait until your recommended bedtime and get up when you need for your new schedule. It means fewer hours of sleep, increased sleep pressure, and you'll probably want to go to bed earlier the next night. Remember to go gradually, increasing by just 30 minutes so you don't disturb your rhythm too much and can continue to work on the quality of your sleep.

If your wake-up time has to go back, it's a bit less restrictive. First, try to move your bedtime back by 30 minutes and, if you've been successful, change your alarm clock by 30 minutes (and so on). 

Remember to get up even if you woke up too early! If you have any doubts, you can contact your coach.

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