Well, it's certainly a paradoxical reaction - but quite possible!

Meditation and relaxation ask you to stop in a fast-paced world.

On a daily basis, we don't often spend time stopping, enjoying the present moment, or taking interest in what we are feeling.

By not listening to ourselves, our body and brain's frustration end up manifesting in other ways: being more sensitive to illnesses, depression/burnout, muscle tension, etc.

Stopping to take note of one's breathing, physical sensations, or even outside noises can therefore be distressing because it's unusual.

As with everything, persistence will ensure results.

Start with short sessions and see what works best for you: staying focused on your breathing or exploring your body's sensations, for example. Little by little - when you feel ready - you can increase the time of your session and include more variety.

Go at your own pace! 

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