The program is immediately available once you've created your account and downloaded the Moonoa app. It's where you'll find all the tools to complete your program.

You can find your daily content in the "My program" tab. Once you've finished reading it, new content will become available the next day.

You'll start with the evaluation phase so that we can understand your sleep. Then, in the second chapter, you'll move on to the attack phase, full of tips and tricks with app exercises.

Throughout the program, don't forget to track your nights. It allows you to follow your progress and helps us personalize your program. You can access it in the "Track night" tab. 

Tracking your nights is especially important during the evaluation phase, in which we'll collect as much data as possible to better understand your sleeping problems and adapt the program to your needs.

Don't forget to check out the "Relax" tab, which offers you a wide range of methods to relax and better manage your thoughts and emotions.

Finally, you can check your progress by heading to the "My sleep" tab, which contains your sleep insights and important sleep data. 

Oh, and feel free to ask your coach for help if you need it. To do so, head to the "Coach" tab!

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