It's up to you to choose the most opportune moment to take note of new information and make time for the exercises and challenges. However, you'll have to open the app just before bedtime to provide some information about your day and activate your tracker (it will only take a few seconds!).

The program is designed so that you can follow it according to your schedule. 100% online, you can access it at any time, on the Moonoa app or directly on the site with personal and secure access.

Regularity is more important than the time of day you access the program and complete the challenges and exercises. Incorporating the program into your routine is what will allow you to anchor it in your daily life and do it at your own pace.

The important thing is to return every evening to record your nights. Sleep tracking helps you to better understand your sleep and allows us to assess its quality so we can best adapt the program to your needs.

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