There are many reasons to track your nights:

✔ Many factors can impact sleep. Tracking your nights allows you to better understand it and act accordingly. 

✔  Tracking your nights every day means you are taking action for your sleep on a daily basis. Questioning your nights and habits is a necessary step towards improving your sleep! 

✔ The data we collect allows us to customize the program to your needs and follow your progress.

We gather information about various things that a smartwatch can't take into account, such as how you feel, how your day was, the reasons for your bad night, etc.

From the information you provide, it's possible to calculate: 

Your time spent in bed (from switching off the lights to rolling out of bed)

Your total sleep time (how long you slept during the night)

Your sleep efficiency

Your sleep score

The impact habits or circumstances have on your sleep (e.g. stressful day, exercise, pain, etc.)

With this knowledge, we can identify what needs to be done to improve your sleep once and for all!

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