The sleep diary is essential for understanding your sleep:

✔ The sleep diary allows us to customize the program to meet your needs. Your diary's information is an accurate measure of your sleeping problem and helps you track your progress. 

✔ Sleep can be impacted by several factors. Completing a sleep diary allows you to better understand it and act accordingly. 

✔ Experts recommend filling out a sleep diary every day as it leads to improved sleep over the long term. 

This is a personal record of how you feel about your sleep, not a scientific fact.  

But by observing your sleep for several nights in a row, you'll get a much more accurate, objective idea about your sleep quality. 

From the information you provide, it's possible to calculate: 

Your time in bed (from the moment you switch off the lights to the moment you roll out of bed)

Your total sleep time (how long you slept during the night)

Your sleep efficiency (essential for knowing how efficient your sleep is)

Your sleep score (the overall result)

It allows you to follow your progress over time. That's why it's important to fill out a sleep diary every day. 

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