Taking medication is compatible with the program.

The Moonoa program teaches you how to implement the changes necessary to improve your sleep over the long term. Thanks to Moonoa's technology and the support of our expert sleep psychologist coaches, we monitor and analyze your data and adapt the program to suit your needs.

We help you get rid of your harmful sleep habits. Then we teach you new (healthy) ones and show you how to keep them.

However, depending on the medications you're taking, it's possible that it can affect your sleep. Establishing good habits is still important because it will allow you to limit these effects and keep maximum control of your nights.

If you're taking sleep medication (sleeping pills, anxiolytics, antidepressants, antihistamines, etc.) and want to stop or reduce your treatment, we suggest contacting your doctor to gradually review the doses while you continue to take your medication and apply the program's tools to improve your sleep.

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