This is a concern that many of our clients have but an unfounded one. Even if your sleeping problems are unique, we can act on them as we would for someone who has been suffering for a few months.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is recognized by health authorities for its effectiveness on all types of insomnia, including chronic insomnia. 90% of users report an improvement in their sleep after following the program, with long-term results!

Just make sure you've eliminated any possible medical causes that could interfere with your sleep, such as sleep apnea or restless leg syndrome. Before tackling your habits, it's necessary to treat them first.

The objective of the Moonoa program is to provide you with the essential tools for implementing the changes necessary to improve your sleep for good.

Thanks to our technology and the support of our psychologist (sleep expert) coaches, we analyze your data and adapt the program to suit your needs. This way, you can understand what is really disturbing your sleep and take the right actions to make long-term changes.

During the Moonoa program, we explore and work on everything that can affect your sleep: behaviors, habits, lifestyle, thoughts, emotions, stress, anxiety, etc. By changing your thoughts and behaviors, we'll transform sleep-harming habits into sleep-promoting ones.

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